Bakery at the F.L.A.G. Goshen County, Ft. Laramie, WY
* Conveniently  Located  In  Southeastern  Wyoming  -  302  Pioneer  Court,  Fort  Laramie,  Wyoming  80012  -  At  The  Intersection  Of  U.S.  Highways:  26  &  160  -  Phone:  1-307-837-2324 *

"We Cheerfully Accept Special-Orders!"

The Jankewicz Family operates the "Bakery at the F.L.A.G." and we very much enjoy the many duties of our responsibilities … Preparing all of the delectable delights and sweet-treats that we personally create for all of our Patrons … "Handmade" Fresh-Baked-Breads, Various Candies, Donuts, Moist Muffins, Homemade-Styles Of Cookies, Delicious Danish, Whole Cakes & Pies, And Much, Much More … We enjoy and prefer fulfilling "Special-Orders" and with, at least, a 24 to 48-Hour advance request, we will tantalize your taste-buds with something that is truly creatively wonderful!

To insure freshness of all of the Bakery Products, we intentionally prepare a limited supply of them to be sold "off the shelf" therefore, to be sure that YOU can get exactly what YOU want, it is suggested that YOU place an "advance order" to be picked-up, delivered, or shipped …
Delivery and shipping charges are additional and will vary depending upon the product ordered … Call us for a quote!

With just a 24 to 48-Hours advance request, we are able to create something special for you … We offer the following "Bakery-Items"
only as an imaginary guide to the unlimited possibilities available, and the estimated cost to produce them for you.

You may either visit our Restaurant & Bakery in person, telephone us at …
1-307-837-2324 … Or, you may send an E-Mail Order to … Please, be sure to included your Name, Address and Telephone Number, for confirmation. 

A various selection of freshly baked breads are available …
Most common made are;  White, Wheat or Sour-Dough … Our specialty;  Anadama Bread ( a New England style bread)  ONLY:  $4.00 each.

( l'il loaf has already been wrapped )  A little loaf of fresh baked goodness that's just enough to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee, or a midnight snack … Varieties include;  Banana Nut, Lemon Poppy, Zucchini Apple & others too … ONLY:  $3.75 each.

Sweet Cowboy Crunch - This sweet & slightly salty, crunchy blend is absolutely a perfect snack to take with you, when you hit the dusty trail … Not at all something sticky … Really great to munch on while you are driving along … ONLY:  $2.00 a bag.

F.L.A.G.'s Brownie Cups - Looks like a cupcake, eats like a filled brownie … Yummy, Yummy … Various flavors to please all … Varieties include;  Butterscotch, Peanut Butter, Cherry, Mint & Others … ONLY:  $1.50 each - Brownie Cups individually wrapped.



Jumbo Varieties Include …
White Chocolate Macadamia …
Walnut Chocolate Chip …
Our most "popular" Cowgirl Cookies …
& other great selections … ONLY:  $1.50 each.

Petite Varieties Include;  Raspberry, Lemon Blossom, Banana Nut, and our very own Crisscross Peanut Butter Cookies, as well as, your favorites too … ONLY:  $2.50 per-half-dozen.

Bar Cookie Varieties Include …
Triple Layer Cookie Bars … Lemon Bars …
Pecan Blondie Bars … Cranberry Bars …
And other popular selections too …
ONLY:  $2.00 each.

Assorted Cookie & Bar Trays!"

"Please Speak With Us About

"Homemade" Fudge Selections Include;  Plain, Walnut, Crθme de Menthe, Zebra, Butterscotch & Many Other "Popular" Flavors …

"Handmade" Candy Selections Include;  Peanut Butter Cups,
Coconut Marshmallow Cups, Lollipops,  F.L.A.G. Turtles,
F.L.A.G. Crθme de Menthe Stars … And Many Others Candies Too!

$1.00  EACH …

$1.00  EACH …
… OR  $5.00

Fudge & Candy
Creations Available
( as shown here )

Also Special Occasion
"Gift-Baskets" Too …


We can create a complete host of many, various, favorite "delectable delights" just for YOU … Including, but not limited to;  Fruited Turnovers & Danish, all sorts of flavored Muffins, Mini-Pecan-Pies, Cinnamon-Rolls, "Handmade" Donuts and just about almost anything else that YOU might want to enjoy!

Depending Upon Your "Advance Special Request" …  A 24 To 48-Hour Advance Order Is Most Preferred, To Insure Quality And Freshness!

Simply Telephone Us At … 1-307-837-2324 … Give Us Your "Special" Order!
( If You Are Unable To Pick-It-Up  -  It Could Be Either Delivered Or Shipped To You! )

In Need Of A Cake Or A Pie
For A Special Occasion …

… You Won't Find A Better Tasting, Or More Affordable One, Anywhere Else!

With, at least, a 24 to 48-Hour Advance Order, we can create a wonderful cake or pie, just for you … FOR  ANY  SPECIAL  OCCASION … And most affordably too!

  • Specialty Triple Layer 9" Personalized Cakes … $20.00
  • Decorated Full Sheet-Cake … $45.00 … ( phone us to confirm the size )
  • 1/2 Decorated Sheet-Cake … $25.00 … ( phone us to confirm the size )
  • Birthday & Wedding Style Cakes … Prices Vary Depending Upon Serving Sizes.
PIES:  * American Apple Pie  * Very Berry Pie  * Strawberry Mousse Pie  * Pumpkin Pie
* Sweet Potato Pie  * Mint Chocolate Pie  * Coconut Cream Pie … ONLY:  $20.00 each.

We will be happy to work with you, to create a beautiful cake or pie creation, to fully meet whatever your needs may be … Just Call …

* Contact Us For Sweets, Treats, Gifts & More *

Menus,  Prices  &  Services  Are  Subject  To  Change  Without  Notice  Here,
It  Is  Suggested  That  You  Telephone  Or  E-Mail  Us  To  Confirm  Them!

"Come & Visit Us At The F.L.A.G. - Click The Banner Below!"

"We Are Fort Laramie's 1st & Only Family-Friendly-Restaurant!"

302 Pioneer Court, Fort Laramie, Wyoming 82212 USA
* At The Intersection Of U.S. Highway: 26 & U.S. Highway: 160 *
Just 3-Miles Before You Reach The "Fort Laramie National Historic Site" Itself
You'll Pass-By Us Twice  -  First Going To "The Fort" & Again When You Leave!

Many people in Wyoming from Casper, Cheyenne, Chugwater, Douglas, Guernsey, Hartville, Jay Em, Hawk Springs, Lingle, Lusk, Manville, Torrington, and even from Scottsbluff, Nebraska and Fort Collins, Colorado, enjoy traveling to us because, we are the most affordable Restaurant & Bakery in all of Wyoming … Shop And Compare … YOU can't get everything we offer, anywhere else, for any less … Kindly review our complete website for further information and charges … "CLICK  HERE!"



During the different Seasons of each year … We, occasionally, will have available for immediate purchase some various Bakery-Items … Our exclusive Bakery encourages YOU to request "advance orders" for your favorite Bakery-Items, at least a full 24 to 48-Hours in advance of needing them, to be sure that they are fresh and available for when you want them … We will be most happy to accept any "Special-Orders" and have them ready for you, for when you need them … Phone Us … 1-307-837-2324 … To now place your own "Special-Order" or come in and do so in-person.

* "Handmade" Pizza … Pizza … Pizza *


We Can Create A Fresh, Whole 12" Pizza-Pie For You …
… Allow About 30-Minutes For Preparation!

A Freshly "Handmade To Order" Double-Cheese-Pizza-Pie - ONLY: $10.00 …
… Include Any Available Toppings - JUST: $1.00 Per-Selection!

We Can Also Offer & Serve Two (2) "French-Bread-Style-Cheese-Pizzas" With
A Small Salad For ONLY: $10.00 … Add Pizza Toppings For JUST: $1.00 Each!

Fort Laramie Rendezvous Official Website … Click Here For Details!
Our Bakery Endorses This Event … Come And Visit … You'll Have Fun!


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